Friday, January 22, 2010

January 22, 2010 - Riding down the Thai coast...

Well the last post that I made (Mike here again, Jen is in our hotel room nursing a bit of a sunburn) I was complaining about us being sick, but after a few days in Vientiane we were feeling better and jumped on our bikes and cycled across the border into Thailand. We then caught a train to Bangkok as we do not have enough time to cycle all the way to Singapore, and north-eastern Thailand got voted as the place to skip over (sorry north-eastern Thailand, but the internet made you sound boring and I believe everything the internet says!)

As I am in an internet cafe right now with no fan or A/C and it is about 40 degrees in here, I am going to jump straight to the photos...

This is Jen riding over the "Friendship Bridge" from Laos into Thailand. After starting our trip in former Soviet countries, we got the impression that crossing any border was a massive P.I.T.A, but South-East Asian countries have proved us wrong. The crossing was quick and painless!

Finally back in the land of 7-11! We have been dreaming of Slurpy breaks during our riding for about 8 months now, and as Thailand has something like 4,000 7-11s, we can finally achieve this dream!

Jen having a beer in Bangkok. We stayed for three nights, and were happy to leave. Big cities aren't really our thing these days, and Bangkok was my least preferred city that we have been to so far.

A sign on the Bangkok subway. We were thankful that we didn't see any Monks as our legs were tired after a day of walking around the city.

Any space that could be carved out of the city had people living in it. The train tracks were full little communities coming within inches of passing trains.

After nearly 8 months of cycling, we finally get our first sight of an ocean! We first cycled down the Pacific coast and later crossed over the peninsula and are now riding down the Indian coast. This is a picture of Jen and Hera. We met Hera, a dutch cyclist riding for 6 months in S.E. Asia, on the train a week or so ago and have cycling together since then (you can read her blog here). After 8 months with only me to talk to, I think Jen was starting to get a little tired of me, so I think she really appreciates having Hera around!

I have no idea what would make a tree grow at such an odd angle?

Jen and Hera...

We are just now starting to enter the rubber plantations. Here is some of the rubber drying.

Boats. I don't really have any more to add to this photo. The blue and orange one looks nice....

While Thailand is amazing. It does have a downside. The temperature gets to about 35 degrees by 9:30 and has gotten as high as 41!!

In an effort to avoiod the 41 degree highs, we have been setting off at first light. This means we are usually done our cycling by noon, but also some dark mornings!

Jen and Hera. I wanted to get a nice panning photo taken, but after one try I decided it was too hot to try again so this is as good as it gets for now!

At Laem Son National Park we took a break day and did a boat tour of the islands. Not a bad way to kill some time, but resulted in the aforementioned sun burn on Jen.

Jen and I on the beach. A much different trip from what we had while in Mongolia!

A Mangrove tree in the ocean. With 40 degree temperatures most days it makes sense that he decided to move to the sea.

As we go farther south, we are seeing more and more Muslims villages along the coast. This was a really neat Muslim fishing village on a tiny island.

Well that is all for now. I put alot of photos in this post, but if you still want to see more you can click here. Take care!

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