Friday, March 19, 2010

Back in North America - L.A. to Morro Bay

Our last day in Singapore, after packing up our boxes, we decided to take a tour of Singapore's last big museum that we hadn't seen, the Asian Cultures Museum. One of the first exhibits we saw had an old Chinese saying that struck a chord.

This was well timed as the next day we were to leave Asia on a plane bound for LA, and slowly make our way home with the bikes up the Pacific coast. Though we're sad to leave Asia, it's time to at least start moving towards home.

That night our hosts Barry and Laura did a kick ass job of helping us fit in a bunch more crazy asian food before we left. It was sort of a "fear factor" meal as we chowed down on Frog Porridge, Turtle Soup, BBQ'd Stingray and other delicacies.

We made it through the trans pacific flight and amazingly our "hobo luggage" managed to make it intact as well.

After arriving into L.A. we set out to re-assembling our bikes and getting equipped. We had our camping gear (which we did not need for the last few months) and a bunch of bike repair supplies shipped to the local UPS store. Unfortunately when we got there the UPS store had rejected the shipments because they were addressed: Mike Scherman, C/O The UPS Store. Apparently they felt that the "care of" placed too much legal responsibility on them, so could not accept it unless it was re-addressed without the "care of". Ahhhhhhhhh! Feels good to be back! Although I now hate "The UPS Store", I still love UPS. I sorted it out with them instead and intercepted the driver and got our packages the next day and we set out on a beautiful ride out of L.A.

Below is a picture of Jen on the phone regarding a job for when she gets back to Montreal. Although it was kind of sad to think about going back to the real world, it was a pretty spot to take a call!

The weather here is amazing for cycling, and still nice enough for camping. The camp sites all the way up the coast are great! Here is Jen cooking up our supper at one of our camp sites.

An offshore oil rig visible from our camp site.

Jen at sunset.

Riding along happy to be back on the bike...

Scenery so far is great filled with beaches, wineries, strawberry farms, and fun little towns.

Jen riding up a pass...

Well that is all we've got for now. From here on we will be riding north to Vancouver for the next 25 days or so through California, Oregon and Washington states. We'll try to make the next post more interesting. Lots of fun stuff to take pics of here, but we've been kind of lazy with the pictures so far! Hope all is well and now that we are on our way back to Canada hopefully we will see some of you soon!

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Anonymous said...

HI Guys!

Just checking out your web page after seeing you both in Monterey at the local coffee shop. I asked about the weight you two had on your bikes. Congratulations on the marriage and it seems you're starting out your life with a wonderful voyage. All the best and enjoy the trip..... wherever it takes you.

Jeff in Monterey.